Oracle Database Maintenance

Database Software Installation

1. Validate the Hardware and Operating system
2. Configure the OS files to meet database software requirements
3. Install the Database Software
4. Upgrade the Software
5. Apply the Patches

Database Backup and Recovery

1. Design backup procedure based on Application, Business and Storage
2. Design Recovery procedure for faster Recovery
3. Use RMAN/Customized Scripts for Oracle Database backup/recovery
4. Create Scripts/Maintenance Task for Data/File/Transaction/Logs backup for SQL server Backup

Performance tuning

1. Identify and improve the performance of SQL and PL/SQL
2. Improve Application response time
3. Utilize 10g AWR/ASH/ADDM and Statspack reports to identify database bottlenecks.
4. Utilize 10g Secheduler and Resources to optimize the database jobs

Oracle Real Applications clusters

1. Configure the Hardware for Oracle 10g,11g RAC setup
2. Install and upgrade Oracle 10g, 11g Cluster ware and Oracle Database Software Locally or on Shared Disks
3. Create Database Instance on all RAC nodes
4. Move Single Instance to RAC instances using rconfig, dbca or manual procedure
5. Create Database using Oracle 10g 11g ASM, NetApp, Veritas CFS , OCFS etc
6. Create Backup scripts for Database, OCR, Voting Disks.
7. Configure Transparent Application Failover and Listener Load balancing
8. Configure Services to provide High availability to the Applications

Oracle Data Guard and Standby

1. Setup Physical as well Logical Dataguard configuration
2. Configure Fast Start Failover
3. Configure Single Node or Multi Node Dataguard setup for Oracle Real Application Setup
4. Configure Dataguard Mode based on Application & Business requirements.

Oracle Grid Control

1. Install and configure OMS to support Oracle Grid Control monitoring
2. Single or Mass deployment of Grid Agents
3. Configure Grid Agent for Oracle, Sql Server, NetApp, EMC etc for unique Centralized monitoring
4. Configure Alerts for OS, Database,Apps, Application Servers

Oracle Application 11.0.3 to and Release 12

1. Install, configure and administer Oracle Application
2. Cloning using Rapidclone, Autoconfig and adclone utility
3. Upgrade Oracle apps to  R12
4. Multi Org implementation
5. Patching Oracle Apps environment
6. Customization updates
7. User Access and System Administration
8. Printer Configuration
9. Design and Implement Backup and Recovery procedures
10. Configure JVM and Jserv processes for Load Balancing
11. Troubleshoot Concurrent Managers, Apache, Jserv issues
12. Optimize Database performance
13. Upgrade Apps Database to latest database

14. Migrate apps to RAC Database.